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Without properly functioning measuring tools, you may not be able to get the job done right, so it’s crucial that you keep your gages in optimal condition. Some of these kinds of tools can be very sensitive, and slight variations in conditions can cause them to malfunction and deliver inaccurate results. It’s essential that you follow proper care and maintenance procedures with all of your measuring tools.

  • It is important to note that certain manufacturers are building Microcontroller based PLCs, like industrial shields now make Arduino based PLCs shown below.
  • Especially if you use it every day, your blades will wear down to the point that they are pulling your hair more than shaving it.
  • You have to consider the purpose of your hair trimmer/clipper.

PLCs are standard designed to interface with industrial grade sensors, actuators, and communication modules and are thus given current and voltage ratings which are often incompatible with microcontrollers without extra hardware. A Programmable logic controller is simply a special purpose computing device designed for use in industrial control systems and other systems where the reliability of the system is high. I like open source software because once something reaches some critical mass of ‘community’ size it or something totally compatible with it is likely to be around for a very very long time. I like my Linux that still has drivers for the old crap parts piled in my garage and can still read the filesystems on the storage devices. I like my programs that can still read the files I wrote as a kid with no artifacts due to imperfect conversions. First, yes, it will probably be a long time if ever before we can ever fab chips at home meaning the same kind of easy user modifications that happen in software are unavailable as a fabbed chip. You can still do that in FPGA though and I would expect that good changes which are shared upstream would eventually make it onto a fabbed chip.

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This step is recommended after every two or three uses, but especially after the blades have just been sharpened. Add a few drops of oil to the blades, to prevent overheating and reduce friction that can wear down the blade.While an alternate light, penetrating oil can work instead, avoid heavy, dark oils which can clog click here the blades. Doing this by looking, and moving the blades from the front of the clipper. Since your clipper is so important to you, working or not, you need to take care of it. I learned by experience a long time ago that setting a clipper under a dog on the table can really ruin your day. I use a small table next to my grooming table, and I set both shears and clippers on it when I’m not using them.

You’ll need to loosen the screws that hold the blades together and align the teeth of the blades so that they’re parallel, then retighten the screws. Turn the clippers on and let the blades rub together for a couple minutes. Your clippers should now be ready to use on hair, hopefully with a noticeably sharper, easier to use cutting edge.

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Having a dedicated clock built into the module makes utilizing time in your code simpler. Power input for the Arduino 101 can come from either the USB port or the DC jack, and the selection is automatic. However, the input range of the DC jack is quite wide, and most input will be above 5v, so a Texas Instruments TPS62153 switch mode power supply is used to step down the voltage to 5v. To take the 5v down to 3.3v, a Texas Instruments LM1117 LDO is used to provide a steady 3.3v output.

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Often, I had to click-through to the device header file to read the register description. None of the 8-bit PIC parts have a usable stack to store variables. To handle this shortcoming, XC8 can create a software stack on PIC18 devices, which have enough indirect addressing operators to support this.