If you’re in a triad, hooking up with other people in comparable interactions can be very useful.

If you’re in a triad, hooking up with other people in comparable interactions can be very useful.

Looking Different Triads?

Watching additional triads helps you feeling considerably by yourself, and certainly will provide a chance to talk about your unique partnership dilemmas and joys. Remarkably, a good option we’ve found for connecting with other triads happens to be Instagram. In fact, the Twitter class increased from your associations around. We open the “family account,”, as soon as we was along about per year. We began the account with all the purpose of showing worldwide that a poly family could be a fantastic location for little ones; in order to connect along with other triads; also to normalize the notion of a committed, three-person commitment.

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Since that time, we’ve associated with a large number of various other triads making many authentic buddies through the membership. it is too poor that we’re all so far-flung, but develop to meet up several triads in the foreseeable future!

Just starting out? Or perhaps you’re simply interested in learning exactly what live as an element of a triad appears like?

Listed below are my personal ideas of five triads to follow along with on Instagram:

I’ll be publishing most lists like this because there include a great deal of big your!

The TriplettTriad: Crystal, Joey and Jamie

Crystal, Joey and Jamie have been discussing their unique relationship honestly on Instagram, and on a regular basis publish photos of the activities as a triad so when a family group. They will have one daughter and also not too long ago extra a sphinx pet to their family members. From journey to family members fun energy, their own escapades in the open air to burlesque concerts and having on as a triad, these three will always happy to promote a behind-the-scenes examine their particular unconventional, loving and committed commitment.

The SullyTriad: Buddy, Lauren and Rose

Buddy, Lauren and Rose have a large and increasing family members with four little kids and all sorts of the busyness and fun that are included with that! On Instagram as a triad since June 2015 and presented in SPEAK mag in the UK and on TLC UK’s My personal Extraordinary Pregnancy, these three are content to exhibit the whole world just how warm and healthy a family with three parents is. Lauren and flower have actually even been through maternity together, having a baby for their youngest sons within months of just one another. They’ve been currently getting equal parenting/adoption rights for every three mothers.


These three best going their particular Instagram membership in January 2017, but they’re as well nice to overlook. They usually have not too long ago relocated in with each other and are parenting two young ones, which appear (using their Instagram feed) become the hub regarding lives. These three post plenty of photos along and with the teens. Please be aware that this was a private accounts, you will need to inquire approval to follow along with her levels.

ThrupleLove: Chris, Matt and Cait

Chris, Matt and Cait bring much enjoyable that I have to confess I’m normally only envious of just what they’re up to. They inhabit nyc and now have become collectively. You could living vicariously through all of them, picturing yourself surviving in a triad (err… thruple) having full benefit of Ny society and evening lifetime… if one need to… you know…

The StrudelFamily

Ready yourself, since there is an overburden of cuteness right here. There’s an adorable infant AND there become kitties! As a triad, there is some a soft spot of these dudes immediately considering 1) PETS and 2) they babywear all the time as well as do so really! (Unrelated tangent, sorry, but Andi and I tend to be both big supporters of babywearing – I used to be a babywearing instructor and merchant and Andi remains an educator today). Victoria, Jacqueline and Josh got her kids with each other in and possess started publishing on Instagram as a triad since June 2015.

Do the triad or pod bring an Instagram membership? Go ahead and upload regarding it below if you’d desire relate to rest! It’s constantly great to see others living the poly lifestyle and also to connect over those struggles and victories we-all face.