Palestinians, however, welcomed the ruling by the EU’s highest court

Palestinians, however, welcomed the ruling by the EU’s highest court

The entrepreneur knew how to refine his products for the market.

Today brands such as Weihenstephan, Sachsenmilch or the delicatessen suppliers Nadler and Homann also belong to the Müller Group, which is now based in Luxembourg and is also active in Israel and China. For 2018, the group reports a turnover of 5.9 billion euros. However, this also includes the figures for the North Sea fish fast food chain, which has meanwhile been sold, with more than 350 branches. The new balance sheet for 2019 is not yet available, the group does not publish earnings figures.

Outside of Germany, Müller is particularly active in Great Britain. But even with the difficulties that Brexit brings with it, Müller is holding back from making public comments. "Brexit is the same issue for all companies that are active there"says Truhlar. The colleagues were preparing to leave the EU. The company has the advantage that all of the raw milk for the British daughters comes from the island. There is no exchange with continental Europe in this area.

In the past, Müller had to deal with criticism again and again – and the company sometimes reacts with harshness. When farmers demonstrated for higher milk prices in front of the headquarters in Aretsried in 2008, some of them were immediately given notice of termination as suppliers.

Two years later, the Federal Constitutional Court had to deal with Müller’s lawsuit against Greenpeace. The environmental protection organization had the company’s products as "Gene milk" Denounced because cows were given genetically modified feed. The company lost the process. Greenpeace has now expressed itself more positively about Müller: Some of the company’s products have already been switched to GMO-free milk, explains Greenpeace spokeswoman Stephanie Töwe.

Theo Müller’s harshness was also experienced in 1995 by gangsters who stopped the patriarch while driving in disguised police officers in order to kidnap Müller. When the armed men tried to drag him into a van, Müller tore himself free. The main perpetrator shot himself after the failed kidnapping, and alleged accomplices were tried. When Müller testified as a witness in one of the trials, he was asked whether he had engaged bodyguards in response. Müller denied: "According to the likelihood, I thought this wouldn’t happen to me twice."

After that, the private person Müller made the headlines again, especially with his move to Switzerland in 2003. He defended this at the time by stating that his heirs would otherwise have to pay inheritance tax in Germany in the three-digit million range. "This is extremely threatening to the existence of a company in which everything is actually fine"he said at the

Neckarsulm (dpa) – Because of the undeclared ingredient celery, Lidl Germany is recalling a frozen rice dish. It is a matter of "Eridanous Gyros Rice Dish, 750g" of the manufacturer Copack Frozen Food with the best before date 14.04.2021 and the lot number L0045F13, as Lidl announced.

However, people without a celery allergy could safely eat the product. The rice pan was sold in Lidl branches in all federal states with the exception of Baden-Württemberg, Bremen, Hamburg, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein and has since been taken off the market. It can be returned in all Lidl branches, the purchase price will be reimbursed even without presenting the receipt.

Berlin (dpa) – Ex-weightlifter Matthias Steiner (37) has provided for the winter with his own fruit and vegetables. "This year I harvested over 300 kilos of potatoes and more than 1000 apples at home"he said on the sidelines of the Diabetes Charity Gala on Thursday evening in Berlin.

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"My wife Inge and I produce a lot ourselves and have a small field and a small wine cellar where we can store fruit and vegetables"said the 2008 Olympic champion, who has two sons with the presenter. "There are four of us at home, if everyone eats a couple of apples a day, then it’s just enough for winter."

He himself is responsible for harvesting, his wife for processing the food. "For me it’s sport and relaxation at the same time." Inge makes jam and puree from the apples and apricots, and a tomato sauce from the tomatoes, onions and garlic they have grown themselves. "So we can cook quickly when the children come home from school."

Steiner, who ended his professional career as a weightlifter at Chemnitz AC in 2013, lives with his wife Inge near his home town of Vienna. He has been married to the journalist and presenter since 2010 and has sons Felix and Max.

Luxembourg (dpa) – Wine, fruit or vegetables from Israeli settlements in the West Bank and other areas occupied in 1967 must be specially labeled in the EU. This was decided by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

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Israel responded with sharp protest. Foreign Minister Israel Katz criticized the verdict as encouraging radical anti-Israeli groups that called for boycotts and denied Israel’s right to exist. Palestinians, however, welcomed the ruling of the highest EU court.

In the politically explosive case, the judges confirmed the opinion of the EU Commission, which has been in effect since 2015 and which Germany also considers binding. Even then, Israel had been very critical. The law was implemented differently in individual EU states. The reason for the ECJ ruling was a legal dispute in France that made labeling mandatory in 2016. A Jewish organization and a winemaker had sued against this.

The political background is the unresolved Middle East conflict and the dispute over the territories conquered by Israel in 1967, including the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. The United Nations classify the areas as occupied. The Palestinians claim the West Bank and East Jerusalem as part of their own state of Palestine. But now more than 600,000 Israeli settlers live there.

The ECJ confirmed the labeling requirement for their products. The indication of the area of ​​origin for food is mandatory. If products come from Israeli settlements in these areas, this must also be noted. The judges found that if Israel were given as the country of origin, this could mislead consumers.

The territories occupied in 1967 had a different international legal status than Israel. The ECJ stressed that it is in the establishment of the settlements "manifests a resettlement policy which that state implements outside its territory in violation of the rules of international humanitarian law". Consumers would need information to get a "informed choice" to be taken, including under ethical considerations.

"We call on Germany not to implement this flawed decision"said Israel’s ambassador to Berlin, Jeremy Issacharoff, who "world". The judgment of the ECJ highlighted Israel from other controversial territorial conflicts. "It only serves as an instrument in the political campaign against Israel."

Some EU politicians fear that Europeans might avoid products from the Israeli-occupied territories for political reasons. The SPD MEP Dietmar Köster warned: "We Social Democrats strongly oppose any form of anti-Semitism. A separate label can be used for campaigns that question Israel’s right to exist."

The FDP foreign politician Alexander Graf Lambsdorff emphasized: "The labeling of goods is legally correct, but must not lead to Israel being disadvantaged." The AfD politician Beatrix von Storch called the ECJ one "political EU judiciary that tries to conceal its open anti-Semitism as a criticism of Israeli politics".

Internationally, the so-called BDS movement calls on people not to buy Israeli goods. BDS stands for boycott, divestment and sanctions. Israel accuses the movement of being anti-Semitic and taking unilateral action against the Jewish state. The EU expressly opposes any kind of boycotts against Israel or products from the Israeli settlements, as a spokeswoman for the EU Commission confirmed on Tuesday.

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture expressly acknowledged the EU position on request. However, a study by the European Middle East Project revealed that so far only ten percent of the wines from Israeli settlements sold in the EU are labeled in accordance with EU law. Germany is one of the main buyers of these wines. Israel’s Foreign Minister Katz announced that he would work with European colleagues to prevent the implementation of the ECJ ruling. The verdict is discriminatory and reduces the chance of peace with the Palestinians.

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The world’s largest food company Nestlé introduces the Nutri-Score. The company will start printing the nutritional traffic light on food packaging in Germany and other European countries in the first half of 2020, Nestlé said.

Dangerous germs: Manufacturer calls back pudding nationwide Very easy preparation: Roast crust – ideal for the Christmas menu Pesticide leftovers: Edeka and Marktkauf call back spreads Reasons still unclear: Rossmann calls back disinfectants Caution, plastic pieces: drugstore chain dm calls back gingerbread

The group will apply the Nutri-Score over a period of two years to products that belong entirely to the group as well as to breakfast cereals from the joint venture Cereal Partners Worldwide.

Labeling of over 5000 products

"Our goal is to offer one of the healthiest options in every product category"said Marco Settembri, Nestlé’s head for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Nutri-Score helps to document progress. Over 5000 products, including pizzas, coffee and chocolate, are said to carry the Nutri-Score. Nestlé starts with the rollout with the countries that support the system.

In addition to the content of sugar, fat and salt, Nutri-Score also includes recommended components such as fiber or proteins in an overall rating and gives a single value – on a scale of "A." on a dark green field to a red one "E." for the worst. The applicable field is highlighted.

Stress from food competitors

Nestlé wants to achieve a signaling effect with the Nutri-Score, but is also under pressure because competitors such as the French food giant Danone have already introduced the Nutri Score. Aldi, Lidl and Rewe have announced that they want to introduce voluntary labeling for at least some of their own brands.

Federal Food Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) recently decided on the Nutri-Score after a long dispute and a consumer survey and initiated a corresponding regulation. The cabinet and the Federal Council as well as the EU Commission still have to approve this. The legal framework should be in place in mid-2020.

Cologne (dpa) – Frozen pangasius fillets from the range of Rewe and the discounter Penny have been recalled. Residues of cleaning agents had been found, announced the REWE group in Cologne.

Dangerous germs: Manufacturer calls back pudding nationwide Very easy preparation: Roast crust – ideal for the Christmas menu Pesticide leftovers: Edeka and Marktkauf call back spreads Reasons still unclear: Rossmann calls back disinfectants Caution, plastic pieces: drugstore chain dm calls back gingerbread

Consumption of the products is not recommended. "A health impairment cannot be ruled out with absolute certainty", it was said. The affected products are no longer in the range. Pangasius fillets that have already been purchased can also be returned and reimbursed without a receipt.

Specifically, it is about all Penny products "Berida pangasius fillet 475g, frozen" with best before dates until March 2021. The EAN number is 24797016. All products are at Rewe "Rewe Best Choice Pangasius fillet 475g, frozen" with best before dates until March 2021. Here is the EAN number: 4388844046801. The products also have the factory number "DL 22"which can be found to the left of the drained weight.

The product information according to the notification in detail:

– Berida pangasius fillet 475g, frozen EAN: 24797016 Best before dates: all up to and including 03/2021 Serial number: DL 22 (left next to drained weight) Available from PENNY

– REWE Best Choice Pangasius fillet 475g, frozen EAN: 4388844046801 Best before dates: all up to and including 03/2021 Factory number: DL 22 (left next to drained weight) Available from REWE

Mülheim / Ruhr (dpa) – Because of possible glass splinters, the food manufacturer Clama GmbH & Co. KG withdrew further GutBio products from the market.

Dangerous germs: Manufacturer calls back pudding nationwide Very easy preparation: Roast crust – ideal for the Christmas menu Pesticide leftovers: Edeka and Marktkauf call back spreads Reasons still unclear: Rossmann calls back disinfectants Caution, plastic pieces: drugstore chain dm calls back gingerbread

GutBio organic white beans with quinoa and vegetables as well as GutBio organic lentils with quinoa and vegetables with the best before date of December 31, 2023 are affected. The manufacturer from Mülheim / Ruhr announced on Tuesday.

"In the case of the products, it cannot be ruled out that isolated glass fragments may be contained", it said in the message.

Last week, the manufacturer had already recalled organic chickpeas in jars of the same brand and with the same expiry date. All groceries were sold through the food discounter Aldi Nord. They could be returned to any Aldi-Nord branch, the manufacturer said.

Riepe-Ihlow (dpa) – The company Pickenpack Seafoods is recalling fish fillets that were sold nationwide in branches of the Netto Marken-Discount supermarket chain.