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Don’t let it happen to them again or be a victim yourself by learning how to hide an IP address. Don’t let it happen again to them or be a victim yourself by learning how to hide IP address. This article about how to hide the IP address contains all the prospects and ways you could remain safe. Also, the article explains the reasons you should hide your IP address.

However, many websites still use IPv4 protocol due to high costs, backward capability concerns, and some other reasons. DNS leaks occur when the DNS requests are sent unencrypted to the ISP DNS server instead of going through the VPN tunnel. This might be due to the VPN, which neglects the change in the setting of the device.

Also, in most browsers, the default settings have enabled WebRTC, and a user is probably unaware of it. Therefore, you could prevent the flaw by changing the setting manually or by downloading an add-on. It enables real-time communication features, such as voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing. Yet, this feature could compromise your privacy through true IP reveal. This problem is not seen most often with reputable VPN providers; however, an efficient VPN could have connection drops in some cases.

As discussed in the article that you could not fully rely on the privacy tool you are using. Sometimes, the issues like DNS leaks or WebRTC leaks could expose your identity even if you are using a VPN. Fortunately, some VPNs have advanced features to rule out these threats. But in every case, you should confirm your privacy through an IP leak test. The WebRTC feature allows the website to detect your real IP address even if connected to the VPN service.

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A VPN changes DNS setting to the VPN DNS server; however, sometimes the settings may revert to the default ISP server due to a system reboot, upgrade, or clean install. DNS leak is one of the most threatening privacy risks that could prevail even in the presence of a VPN. The DNS leak could be caused by the device operating system, VPN free softwares provider, or maybe due to user errors. Unfortunately, due to the multiple nodes and long encryption process, the Tor network could make your browsing considerably slow. DNS Leak Protection– Some of the VPNs have introduced an advanced feature of DNS protection. It continuously monitors the DNS requests and makes sure that none of the requests is ignored by the VPN DNS server.

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Unlimited Free VPN – betternetUnlimited FREE VPN is amazing service that offered by Betternet. Betternet VPN is free you don’t need to register yourself for using this VPN. When you use this VPN you can’t see any ads, logs, and limits. In cases when there are threats to security, you can always ask your Internet Service Provider to change your IP address. Devices that are assigned an IP address include computers, phones, printers, switches, routers, and other devices and systems that connect to a network. Do you know someone who has been a victim of identity theft or a cyberattack?

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Therefore, it is better to select a VPN with the Kill Switch feature. Most of the VPN provider software doesn’t support IPv6 and ignore the request of an IPv6 enabled website. Therefore, when connected to such a website, the generated IPv6 request is forwarded to your ISP network, and your true identity is revealed. Because of this complication, the websites that support IPv6 have adopted a dual approach. When they are connected to an IP address that only supports IPv4, they will generate an IPv4 address. But when a device with an IP address supporting IPv6 is connected, they will give IPv6 address. A new standard protocol IPv6, has been launched, which is adopted by almost all modern operating systems.