Use It: Important Tricks On RAID Shadow Legends On iOS And Android Phones You Should Try (With Screenshots)

Master Hexer gives a little advantage but not as much as the Lasting Gifts. If you want to max out his skill aim towards the cooldown reduction in the ‘’Legions Orders’’ bringing it from 4 to 3 turns to get consistency in the Fire Knight encounter. Gear wise, equip the RelicKeeper with Crit Chance gear until you reach 100%. For the chest-plate go for Attack stats, while with Gauntlets always go for Crit Rate . The optimal Gear sets for RelicKeeper are Divine Crit Rate, Crit Rate, Divine Offense, Offense, and Crit Damage. The second skill ”Surging Strength” is only a Buff that increases his Attack by 50% for 4 turns and Grants an Extra Turn.

  • Every single battle in the campaign offers multiple Champions through the miscellaneous drops that can as victory reward loot drops.
  • The Progress Missions are designed to help players understand the gameplay system of RAID easier.
  • Just like the Shield Set, the effect resets at the start of each Round.
  • In total, you should prioritize ACC and Crit Damage stat first and the affinity you used the most.
  • I took a screenshot of a different style of team which I want to talk about.

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For heroes of Support, it is sometimes necessary to take the main parameter in health as a percentage. chance / crit damage, percentage of protection . chance is not present, as the main characteristic, it is necessary to have these parameters in addition. Spiders hit the enemy, while they can hang Poison on him for 2 turns. In this case, the resistance that the player’s characters have is triggered. With each attack, the spiders replenish the Spider Speed scale.

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His first skill “Eldritch Flames” attacks an enemy three times. This skill has a 30% chance of placing HP burn for two turns. If the Drexthars enemy has an HP Debuff he heals by 20% of the damage the enemy has taken. This ability takes three books to max out and it increases the damage by 20%. If the target has more than 50% of its HP, the cooldown of this skill is reduced by a turn.

As a pure Attack Champion, he should be equipped with 2 Offense Sets and 1 Speed Set while Lifesteal Set should be used against Clan Boss. Ithos has a great Attack Power that is lower only to few chosen Champions and his Health amount is considerable for an Attack Champion. However, he is not very fast and his defense is very low. Ithos’ true power is the merging of his incredible abilities with his enormous Attack Power.