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However, it could be better by adding multiplayer and reducing the amount of ads. Another reason why I gave it two stars was because it is so hard to to get coins/tokens and it needs to be improved. Finally, I think that there shoulda setting where your car can be destroyed easily .please add these new changes I have recommend .It will make the game a whole lot better. Crush old cars with monster trucks, try to be the first racer to cross the finish line, or just help a farmer plow his field. These and other challenges are waiting for you to take them on. You can also perform absolutely amazing stunts in cars that are downright indestructible.

As the player, you have to oversee the development of your town. Cook, Serve, Delicious is a multi-purpose business simulation game. Thankfully, its Android port is working a lot satisfactorily. When the story starts, you have one old restaurant and a cook. It’s up to you to bring the organization back to the old five-star glory.

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Its just a matter of time before SCS achieves market saturation. There’s no more players like “you” to sell the game to. SCS, if wanting to sell more games, will have to start looking at people like “me”.

  • Dynamic weather in the game makes this game challenging and more realistic.
  • Other than the skin there is very little difference.
  • rFactor was a simulation game released in 2005 by Image Space Incorporated.
  • But if you do not use Car Parking Multi-player Mod properly, this apk mod can get banned.
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  • Earn cash to unlock new cars and find new city maps to explore.

I find it relaxing, just getting from point a to point b, listening to a radio, me and the horizon, day or night, but specially at night. Yes, it would be nice to have more features, of course. Not that I’m interested, but don’t get me wrong, the more the better. Maybe, just maybe, this game is not for you, as you said. I don’t know if it’s all about the graphics either.

Bus, Tram And Train Are Simulated Extremely Realistic In A Single Game

It supports almost all the smart Android devices and can be played with numerous different controllers. Here, you will get 20 best simulation games for Android which are completely free to download and use. Here, you can get lots of challenging and adventurous simulation games that can help you to enjoy your free time and leisure. Now, I suggest you have a glance over the features of the games so that you can find a good one for you.