We opposed costs of prospective facts from the sexting anywhere between males and you may ladies using Chi-square test statistics

We opposed costs of prospective facts from the sexting anywhere between males and you may ladies using Chi-square test statistics

I held an analysis of your studies having fun with Stata version a dozen.step one to possess Mac (StataCorp LP). I computed statistics to explain the research sample. Modified logistic regression data was utilized independently to have children to understand more about possible things of sexting.


Most participants have been people (65.7%). Widely known answers getting “race” were: mestizo (48.8%) and Moreno (21.8%). Very respondents attended a combined sex (54.8%) public-school (62.2%). Just more than 20% of one’s decide to try claimed engaging in sexting (Table 1).

An evaluation out-of children (Desk dos) indicated that boys engaged in a whole lot more sexting than just people (% versus. %; chi = ; p = 0.000). Female reported high costs regarding moms and dad dissatisfaction to own entering sex (p = 0.000). Girls including reported higher cost away from parental legislation from the sexting (p = 0.001). Guys reported far more attacking during the past 1 year (p = 0.000).

Having fun with a beneficial multivariate method, for girls, being cyberbullied lead to a heightened probability of sexting (Or = 2.019; p = .022) while the did having mothers feeling less improperly in regards to the respondent which have sexual relationships (Otherwise = 1.799; p = .000) (Dining table step three). To have males (Dining table cuatro), things regarding the enhanced chance to possess sexting included sending more text messages during the previous big date, mothers feeling smaller defectively regarding the respondent which have sexual interactions (Or = 1.399; p = .014), and achieving started in assaulting during the past 12 months (Otherwise = 1.313; p = .003). Which have moms and dads which have laws regarding the delivering or acquiring intimate texts are and with the ple (Otherwise = 0.519; p = .045).


The modern data reports texting cost during the Cusco just like people included in You.S. studies out of adolescent sexting, especially the Gender and Technical Survey conducted by the National Promotion to eliminate Teenager and Unexpected Pregnancy . Products with the sexting was in fact basically gdaddy promo codes more for women and you may people. Activities for females ranged out of becoming cyberbullied and you will adult views from teenage intercourse, if you’re things to possess males included attacking, too much texting, parental viewpoints out of teenage intercourse and parental regulations about sexting.

Earlier studies have produced mixed abilities pertaining to the fresh feeling away from intercourse towards texting pricing. The modern analysis discover a big intercourse disparity within the sexting, with almost 3 x as numerous males sexting compared to ladies. That you can factor for the difference between female and male sexting pricing ‘s the transmitting conclusion certainly one of adolescent males, who were seen to be expected to submit photographs received than simply females [ten, 14]. This doesn’t define, but not, the fresh new comparatively high gender disparity one of the newest examination of Peruvian childhood and you may previous degree certainly You.S. teens. Investigating exactly how culturally-specific gender differences effect sexting behavior deserves after that studies.

In line with previous knowledge exploring correlates regarding chance practices which have sexting , the current study receive individuals who text a lot more, including sext a whole lot more . Inasmuch just like the children failed to differ in this study to the quantity of everyday texting, the newest discovering that boys’ hypertexting is from the large prices away from sexting get relate to intercourse differences relating to the aim of messaging. Reid & Reid (2004) figured males use messaging mostly to coordinate activities and are usually comfy interacting so you’re able to a group whereas girls’ entry to texting is actually relevant a whole lot more so you can dating-dependent conversations. These article writers vie you to definitely to fully incorporate technology to own interacting, female want a heightened comprehension of the sort of system. Eg, have confidence in the newest person that she or he does not display the latest content material with people. Large cost of sexting among hypertexting people contained in this research may originate from boys’ overall morale that have using messaging to have connecting a good kind of topics, and additionally those people that was sexually explicit. And therefore, monitoring sexting and excessively texting, or hypertexting, could help mothers and masters select teenagers at stake and supply opportunities to own intervention. This means that, intercourse variations in messaging be seemingly just like those who work in other types regarding communication, particularly discussion and you will non-mediated writing. The newest question, not, is that boys’ telecommunications habits contain more sexually-dependent posts and may also produce more intercourse.